Red Wines

Vin Bio AOC Bordeaux - Petit Roc - rougeBordeaux wines

Matured one year in vats they are vacuum-bottled. Thus several vintages are to be offered for sale.
These wines are full-bodied and fleshy with a glistening ruby color and a red fruit flavor.
They accompany well meats, sauces and cheeses.

Vin Bio AOC Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux - Petit Roc - rougeSainte Foy Bordeaux wines

Matured one year in oak barrels. 10% of the barrels are renewed each year.
These wines are mostly based on Merlot.  They are full-bodied and woody with long-lasting spicy hints.  Peacock tail final.
Appreciated with red meats and game.

Red wines to be served 16° to 18°S

BIB : contain the youngest wine after maturation