Rosé Wines

Vin Bio - AOC Bordeaux - Petit Roc - RoséRosé wine

Obtained by bleeding of a vat with red grapes, it is fermented at low temperature to keep the best aromas.
It has a great deep apricot color. It is a nice floral and fruity wine.
It accompanies well seafood, fishes, hors d’oeuvre and is much appreciated in summer.
To be served at 8°

Rosé Traditional method

Sparkling wine wine-making consists in allowing the wine ferment in bottles so that the resulting carbonic gas may dissolve in the wine. This wine-making lasts over one year.
Has a deep apricot color with fine bubbles and a long-lasting foam.
Its nose is reminiscent of violet and has very fruity aromas.
Appreciated as an aperitif so as on desserts and tea-times  with friends.
To be served at 6°