White wines

Vin Bio - AOC Bordeaux - Petit Roc - Blanc secDry white Bordeaux

It is brilliant with a fruity aroma and a slight acidulous hint
To be tasted chilled on hors d’oeuvre and seafood.

Vin Bio - AOC Bordeaux - Petit Roc - SauvignonSauvignon Sainte Foy Bordeaux

Elegant limpid yellow color
This racy and supple wine with floral nuances accompanies seafood and fishes.

White wines to be served  8° to 10°

White traditional method

Sparkling wine wine-making consists in allowing the wine ferment in bottles so that the resulting  carbonic gas may dissolve in the wine. This wine-making lasts over one year.
Has a brilliant color and shows fine bubbles and a long-lasting foam. A large fruit aromas range is sustained by floral nuances.
It is an ideal accompaniment to seafood, shellfishes, fishes, white meats, cheeses and desserts.

To be served at 6°